COLUMN: We’re near the end of April, but it’s not too late for some spring cleaning

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By Curtis Ochs

We are in the latter part of April, when all the big events are gearing up to put on a show. As of this issue, we have enjoyed the fireworks and flyovers of “Thunder Over Louisville,” and the shows will be ongoing until and including the Derby events.
Later in the spring we will see many institutes of learning celebrate the graduation of our next group of leaders.
All of this will lead to massive amounts of trash and litter to collect, contain and eliminate. How we handle this issue will depend on how involved we are about living up to the three R’s: recycle, renew and reuse.
Handled properly, with receptacles at proper locations to collect the litter, we can attempt to at least break even in our efforts to stay neat. Plastics, aluminum and metal, as well as old cardboard, bring a reasonable amount per pound when delivered to a recycling company. Delivered to a landfill, we pay the same price to dispose of them as normal garbage.
We are also in the final stages of our Spring Roadside Litter Abatement Drive. One group, along with the usual bottles, cans and food wrappers, collected 35 scrap tires.
We have around $27,000 in state grant money to use in three roadside cleanups a year — spring, summer and fall. We also get $3,000 to use for a tire amnesty event for our county, in addition to the once every four years state promoted tire amnesty event.
We all know about the lack of money at the county, state and federal levels. The above total dollars could well be used for more humane goals than keeping trash and garbage off our county’s roads, parks and streams.
We will have the Spring Curbside Pickup the week of May 7. It will be the same day as your normal garbage collection.
Please remember, no tires, paint, chemicals, oil, anti-freeze, batteries or other hazardous items. Call 477-3218 if you have a question about what will be acceptable.
We need to improve on our ability to “hit the can” with our recyclable scrap, and save not only money, but also help preserve our natural resources.
Good luck and have a great spring.