COLUMN: What do you anticipate?

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By Jon Rohr

Lately I have been taking my dog with me when I go to the drive-through at the bank.  And in case you are wondering, she is a pretty big dog, about 50 pounds or so.
Anyway, at our bank they usually give her a dog treat when they see she is with me.  She has figured this out!  When I pull in at the bank, she starts looking over at me, and then when I pull up to the drive-through, you can tell she is ready.  She knows the bank means a treat and today she was ready, I didn’t actually have to push her out of my lap and away from the window, but it was pretty close.  Did I mention she is a pretty big dog?
 The folks at the bank did what they do and a minute or two later here comes the shuttle back, and now Molly (That’s our dog’s name by the way.) was ready.  By the time I opened that little container, she was almost in my lap again, looking for that little dog biscuit.  And like most dogs, once I gave it to her, it was gone in a split second.  I think for some dogs chewing must be optional.  Did I mention she is a pretty big dog?
That got me thinking about what kinds of things we eagerly anticipate.  If a dog would be so eager for a treat that will last only a second or two, what about us?  What do we anticipate?  What do we look forward to so enthusiastically?  Molly recognized the signs and knew that a treat was probably on the way.  When we see the signs of the times around us, what do we think is on the way?
In Philippians, Paul wrote, “Our citizenship is in heaven. And we eagerly await a Savior from there, the Lord Jesus Christ.” (Philippians 3:20)  If our citizenship is in heaven, then we have something amazing ahead of us.  Most of us look forward to paydays, or weekends, maybe to a vacation or a party, but like a dog treat, all those things are temporary.
Jesus promised to return for His people, what an amazing promise!  The promise of God is forever, it is life with Him, it is a home with Him, it is eternity without pain or sorrow.  I think the Lord would be pleased if we were so eager to see Him, to experience Him, that we occasionally crawled up in His lap.