COLUMN: What is Spencer County to you?

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By Shannon Brock

Each year in September, The Spencer Magnet publishes a resource directory or county guide of sorts called “This is Spencer County: Where families live, work and play.”
This year, we’re hoping to add to that guide and we want your help. All you have to do is answer one simple question: what is Spencer County to you?
What are the things in this beloved community that keep you here or remind you that you’re home?
For instance, imagine your family has gone on a long vacation. As you’re driving back home and crossing over the county line, what things do you see that tell your brain “I’m almost home”?
Visually, when you invite friends or relatives from out of town to visit Taylorsville and Spencer County, what is a must-see? Do you take them down by the marina to see the lake up close and personal? Do you visit the dam and look at the lake from up above? Do you bring them downtown to show them the floodwall, the courthouse or do you drive them through the acres and acres of farm land?
Let us know!
What makes Spencer County unique? Maybe it’s the strong community spirit. Maybe it’s the fact that the community can come together in a matter of days to raise thousands of dollars for a family in need. Maybe it’s the effort that goes into providing our children a safe way to spend Halloween by trick-or-treating on Main Street.
You tell us.
As an “outsider,” I can tell you that one thing that sticks out to me is the incredibly active and award-winning 4-H and FFA programs. Spencer County has the largest, most decorated FFA program I’ve ever seen.
We also want to feature some of the communities within our county, perhaps by magisterial district. What do you want newcomers who pick up this magazine-like publication for the first time to know about Little Mount, Mount Eden, Campbranch, Waterford, Elk Creek and Taylorsville?
When you close your eyes and picture your neighborhood, what do you see?
Send your answers to us at editor@spencermagnet.com, mail a letter to us at P.O. Box 219, Taylorsville, Ky. 40071, stop by our office at 100 W. Main St. or call us at 477-2239 ext. 24 to share.
We want ideas of scenic places to photograph, interesting places in the community (not businesses) that might be worth a mention, or even interesting people with a story to tell.
We only have a couple of weeks to collect this information, so email, call or come by as soon as possible to let us know what Spencer County is to you.