Commission wants more info from P&Z

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By William Carroll

Taylorsville City Commissioners wanted additional time and information regarding the new regulations submitted recently by the Taylorsville-Spencer County Planning and Zoning Department.
City Commissioner Kathy Spears said that no regulations were included specifically with respect to the city. Spears told Planning and Zoning Administrator Julie Sweazy that Mayor Don Pay and City Commissioner Beverly Ingram were appointed to the committee to study the new regulations and yet city officials were not included in the planning stages. Sweazy said that the regulations do include provisions for the city including a change in setback rules geared towards helping city residents.
Commissioners suggested that another meeting be held to allow the commissioners to understand the changes in the code. Commissioner Ellen Redmon suggested that the meeting be a joint city and county planning meeting in order to cover all of the issues at one time. Commissioners asked Sweazy to work on a time when attorney Tim Butler could be present to explain any issues to them regarding the proposed rules.