Congratulations to the Fair Board for a job well done

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The Spencer County Fair has come and gone and we have made a few observations regarding the event. First it should be said that fair volunteers put in hours of work to prepare each and every event enjoyed by fair goers this week. Many times this week, staff with The Spencer Magnet witnessed volunteers running from one event to the next to make sure things went as smoothly as possible. The diligence and sacrifice of these individuals was very impressive.
Second, the fair started off slowly. Attendance the opening Friday and Saturday of the event was very low. Both of these two dates did not have rides. After the rides arrived, attendance slowly increased throughout the week with Saturday’s attendance bringing around 40 percent of the entire week’s attendance. Prior to the fair Spencer County Fair Board President Dwight Martin said that he was hoping for an attendance somewhere in the 7,000 person range to help fund to fair’s expenses. According to Martin, the ride company receives $6 for each $10 paid at the gate with the fair retaining the other $4. This is part of the arrangement with the ride company that ensures quality rides for fairgoers.
Martin said that based upon attendance figures the ride company was able to make approximately $30,000, which he feels is the minimum to keep the company happy.
We were proud to see the significant turnout Saturday. Over 2,000 people came out to enjoy the rides and other activities on the last day of the fair. Martin said that while not quite a record, the last day’s attendance was a very good sign.
We think that more citizens should participate and come out to see the fair. There are a lot of great rides, exhibits, contests and races. We think that the fair board does a good job of providing activities for the entire family.
Prior to the fair Martin told us that the Spencer County Fair has suffered a bit in the past. Lower attendance figures and less participants in the varied events has been an expensive tab for the fair. We hope that citizens will continue to see the value in our local fair as county fairs serve as a significant bridge to our community’s history and culture.
There was once a time when everyone made a trek out to the county fair to spend time with friends and family. While that tradition has faltered a bit we believe it can continue to grow and prosper in this age of high technology. So if you came out for this year’s fair, congratulations. If you happened to miss out make sure you check it out next year. It is definitely worth a look.