DeMarcus Cousins second pick in June draft?

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By Tom Watson

DeMarcus Cousins. School is in, and school will soon be out for Kentucky’s precocious big fella. Right? Maybe not.

ESPN’s Jimmy ‘gaga’ Dykes, already suffering from acute John Wall Swoon, unilaterally promoted Cousins last week to second pick overall in Moneyball’s June draft. Tall stuff for a kid one year removed from high school senior English.

First, citing the economy, NBA owners are hinting at big salary cuts to the players union ahead of collective bargaining next year. With a Moneyball squabble on the horizon, Cousins and others might review their options since the mother-lode second contract may not be in play until 2014.

Meanwhile, big body, big talent and big future Cousins is still a still a kid who does not take kindly to push, pull, grab, hold and slap from college friendlies. Imagine Cousins dealing with NBA thuggery?

He still grimaces and scowls when preening little men wearing stripped shirts and loud whistles (there are no tall referees) and never happy being shown up by tall kids, are ignoring much of what Big Cuz is gettin’, but see most all he’s givin.’

The more he whines and pleads, the more they “let it go.”

Maybe school should be in again. As a pre-tournament favor to Cousins, John Calipari by invites (Karate Kid) Rick Robey to discuss artful ins and outs of giving and getting.

On the way to a national title in 1978, Robey became UK’s artful dodger delivering toughness while flashing a disarming smile at little men with whistles.


Kentucky’s John Wall was leader last week in balloting for the seventh annual Bob Cousy best point guard in college hoops. The 2010 list began with 73 names, then 20, is 11, and will be five by March 1. Wall had received 50 per cent of votes cast at the weekend with South Carolina’s DevanDowney, second at 15 percent.

Fans can vote at the Cousy Award website – www.cousyaward.com for ...

Matt Bouldin, Gonzaga; Sherron Collins, Kansas; Downey; Trevon Hughes, Wisconsin; Jeremy Lin, Harvard; Kalin Lucas, Michigan State; Ronald Moore, Siena; Scottie Reynolds, Villanova; JonScheyer, Duke; Greivis Vasquez, Maryland; Wall, Kentucky.

Question. A Kentucky fan asked this week, “for the sake of discussion, let’s say (the Cousy Award) comes down to Wall and Downey and Downey has another great game against UK (Feb. 25), win or lose, and the award goes to Wall. How could that be justified?”

Voters provide justification.


I love this place.

COMMENT: Too young to remember Cousy? For clever and unselfish basketball, find a video of Boston Celtics games, 1950s.


Speculation increases the NCAA will end its $2.1 billion Big Dance contract with CBS by August 31. Poised to do what corporate America has done, the NCAA will goose its golden goose for more profits, sell out to cable television, ESPN, Fox and/or Turner. If it happens the NCAA tournament will likely be expanded to a 98-team field.

What does it mean for teevee viewers? Pay-per-view (through the nose). Road to the Final Four magic may disappear. The NCAA may be about to $uffocate its golden goose.


• Hall of Fame. Lewis County high school retired Ralph Davis’s jersey last week, No. 11 played forVanceburg High through 1956 under coaches Bob Wright and the late Shelby Linville. Davis was twice All Missouri Valley alongside Oscar Robertson and Paul Hogue at University of Cincinnati. Selected 17th overall in the 1960 NBA Draft by the Cincinnati Royals, Davis also played for the St. Louis Hawks.

• Fan asked, ‘Is there an All-Tattoo Team listed anywhere? Surely some great guru has tagged a team with being the most tattooed team in America?’

Answer: An NBA all-Tattoo team can be found on the internet. Coach? Dennis Rodman, naturally. College? More appropriate these days perhaps, a NO All-Tattoo Team. Captain? Kentucky’s Patrick Patterson.

• Sign of the Apocalypse. Made popular by Sports Illustrated, the following qualifies as Sign of the Apocalypse: A Neilsen Survey found 51 percent of Super Bowl television viewers say they enjoy the ($2.65 million for 30-second) commercials more than the game.


A single word to sum up recruiting classes at Commonwealth D-Is, Kentucky, Louisville and Western, could be ... 

Big at Kentucky. Speed at Louisville. Scramble at Western .

In reverse order, a glimpse:

Western. New coach Willie Taggart scrambled to spend 16 scholarships and is still shopping. TheHilltoppers 0-12 record weighed more than new coaches, new start on The Hill. Short term hurt: losing Fort Campbell quarterback Antonio Andrews, Mr. Football, to Air Force Academy.

Louisville. Charlie Strong beat lots of bushes for 24 newbies. Whether or not he flushed out the right ones, watch how many new Cardinal do not wear red shirt this fall.

Kentucky. Another next-to-last rated class using SEC star scale. By UK yard stick however, solid. Signed state’s two prime prospects, landed three highly regarded running backs and, reflecting recent successes, a couple fistfuls of legitimate SEC-worthy athletes.

Next? See who makes it to school in the fall.


Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski told Sports Illustrated the other day, he opposes high school basketball stars being denied option to go straight to Moneyball.

“But if they go to college they should be there long enough to take core courses that could eventually lead to a degree,” he explained. “Otherwise, its a sham.”

Excuse me? The sham has been in play since Moneyball’s union made 19the  age for millionaire$.

Sham, indeed.

And so it goes.

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