Despite neighbors’ reports, sheriff says no burglaries reported in Hickory Woods

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By Mallory Bilger

A note titled “Strangers and Burglars Alert” recently posted in the Hickory Woods Subdivision of Ky. 44 could be scaring residents unnecessarily.
Some residents of Hickory Woods subdivision off Ky. 44 have heard rumors of recent burglaries in their area, but Spencer County Sheriff Donald “Buddy” Stump said no such activity has recently been reported to his department. A resident even went as far as posting a note around the neighborhood that stated “on 9/4/2013 two strange men were seen walking around homes while the owners were not home.”
The note continues to say, “people are knocking on front doors and if no one answers, they are going around back and breaking in.”
Stump said while he appreciates the initiative to alert neighbors of possible criminal activity, his department has not responded to any issues in that area recently.
“While I appreciate that the people in this neighborhood were trying to help, we really haven’t had many burglaries in this neighborhood,” Stump said.
Hickory Woods resident Rachelle Shuler contacted The Spencer Magnet expressing concern and asked the newspaper to look further into the issue. She said she and her husband, Anthony, have not personally had any issues, but some of her neighbors have seen an unmarked white truck parked in the area for long amounts of time.
“It’s just very unusual that this has started happening,” Shuler said. “We have not actually seen any people. We have not seen anything suspicious other than a white truck.”
Stump said some Hickory Woods residents did contact his office with concerns about individuals selling security systems door to door in the area. Stump said the department followed up and confirmed that the security company was legitimate and licensed.
Stump encouraged anyone that sees potentially suspicious activity to contact law enforcement immediately and refrain from spreading unfounded rumors. The number to the sheriff’s office is 477-3200. All emergencies should go through 911.
“We would prefer that people contact the sheriff’s office about the issue before notes are put on the doors and alarm the neighbors,” he said.  
Shuler said the entire situation was unsettling to her.
“It’s concerning. We’ve lived out here for years and you feel safe. You live in a small town and you don’t have crime,” she said.