Don't be sucked in by counterfeit identities

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By PATRICK NIX, Pastor, Lighthouse Baptist Church

There are three basic types of people in this world — motivated by different things. Which are you?
Thinkers:  Thinkers are educators, philosophers, authors, pastors, politicians.  They believe knowledge is power and want to help others know what they know.
Fighters: Fighters operate with a deep sense of courage and responsibility.  These everyday warriors care about defending the defenseless and protecting others.  They are cops, soldiers, and fire fighters.
Doers: Doers must be part of the action and are very results-oriented.  Farmers, laborers, and factory workers make the world go around.
Knowing HOW God made you is important in answering the question WHY He made you. The danger is that culture wants to redefine you.  This world’s fads would try to erase how you were made and rewrite a new identity.  ‘Counterfeit’ identities are offered on the following bases:
Pleasure (Happiness) – I’m the life of the party – I’m all about being happy and making people happy.
Possessions (Wealth) – I’m afraid that people won’t love me if I don’t pick up the tab.
Position (Accomplishments) – The size of my office and my trophy shelf give me a sense of importance.
Power (Authority) – I feel valuable because of the things I can do for others.
Performance (Success, Failure) – I worry that my foreclosure will cost me friendships.
Which ‘counterfeit identity’ is the most tempting for you to accept?