EDITORIAL: Cold temps, canceled meetings?

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Editor's note: The Spencer Magnet received notice Wednesday morning that Thursday's special meeting of the City Commission will be rescheduled because of broken pipes and water issues in the City Hall Annex.


Saying that the temperatures over the last few days have been cold would be quite an understatement.
It’s been cold — the kind of cold we haven’t seen in these parts in 20 to 25 years. Trust that our understanding of the frigid temperatures is as great as the number of layers we’ve had to put on to stay warm in them.
But has it been cold enough to close offices within the county and even postpone a regularly scheduled City Commission meeting? We don’t think so.
Let us begin by saying that we do not oppose Spencer County Public Schools’ decision to cancel classes on Tuesday. Students should not have to wait for buses in potentially life-threatening cold temperatures. What we’re saying is not directed at the schools.
But, on Monday and Tuesday, our office was open. Many, if not most, Spencer County businesses were open.
Our guess is that members of the general working public weren’t given the option of working or not. The fact of the matter is, it’s zero degrees outside, but unless your heat source is insufficient, it’s probably a toasty 70 degrees in most places of business.
On Monday, at least, the Spencer County Attorney’s Office was closed. Circuit Judge Charles Hickman canceled circuit court and the Spencer Circuit Clerk’s Office was closed.
We also find it quite ironic that the one, brand new building built to house a generator and be a shelter in the case of emergencies — the Spencer County Cooperative Extension Office — was closed. (According to police, a local church opened its doors as a warming shelter during a brief power outage.)
What’s most ridiculous in this situation is the fact that the Taylorsville City Commission postponed its regular January meeting because of “weather conditions.” There was no snow, no ice. It’s just cold. Very, very cold.
This should come as no surprise because it’s not the first time it’s happened. A city commission meeting was canceled last year because a storm system was predicted to move through the area. (It didn’t.)
Now, if the commission meeting was rescheduled because unfortunately, and with terrible timing, the city’s heat went out, we’d be more understanding. But to the best of our knowledge, that is not the case.
Perhaps the commission was thinking of the eight or 10 citizens who attend its meetings and didn’t want them to get out in the cold, but we have our doubts.
Need we remind you that we’re talking about the Taylorsville City Commission all of whom are required to live within the city limits. Taylorsville isn’t that big, folks. No matter where you live within Taylorsville, you’re not likely to be more than a five minute car ride from your home to the City Hall Annex.
Well, Mrs. Banker, Mr. Deputy, Miss Store Clerk and Mr. Office Assistant, don’t look for a refund on your taxes because those offices were closed for a day. And don’t expect any official to get paid one day’s less salary.
While you were required to get out in the cold earlier this week in order to earn your paycheck, take heart that several officials in and around town were afforded the chance to stay snuggled up and warm at home. You know, because it was cold outside.
Note: Unsigned editorials represent the collective opinion of our editorial board, made up of Publisher Lynette Mason, Editor Shannon Brock and Staff Writer Mallory Bilger.