EDITORIAL: Communication should be key for local leaders

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By The Staff

What a mess. It is really hard to identify any plausible information in regard to the “alleged” meat packing plant that could be coming to Spencer County that has government meetings and the county abuzz with speculation.
Here at the newspaper, we understand the secrecy that sometimes must accompany potential economic development, and, although there might be some discussions about bringing such a business to the area — some of which have been conducted publicly, we might add — an underlying issue with this potential economic development is the lack of communication between city and county government officials.
As Editor Shannon Brock delved into the story following Taylorsville City Commission’s action to keep such a plant out of the city limits or adjacent to the city, it became painfully apparent that Mayor Don Pay and Judge-Executive Bill Karrer had not recently been in communication about this issue.
In fact, Spencer Magnet reporters cannot recall a time in the past several months that Karrer or Pay attended each other’s respective government meetings.
This is a problem. While the city and the county are separate taxing districts and have separate business to conduct, have these governmental bodies forgotten that the community as a whole should be the focus here?
The city of Taylorsville lies within the county, and, while whispers of a merged government have not been heard very loudly as of late, we are quickly reminded in situations such as these that if the two entities are not working together, it can quicklycause more chaos than benefit to the taxpayers.
It’s time for these two bodies to get together and get on the same page. It’s not good enough for the mayor, the judge-executive, magistrates or commissioners to be learning about each other’s business through third-hand parties and small talk.
It’s time the two governing bodies in Spencer County start working together, even if they don’t quite see eye to eye. The people deserve that.