Editorial: Get out and vote this primary season

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The date of the election is fast approaching. Candidates are now doing their last minute push to garner all of the votes they can in the hopes it will take them over the top on May 20.
Interestingly we have heard from several of the candidates about concerns over voter turnout. Many of the candidates have used this election season as an opportunity to go door to door in an attempt to better understand their neighbors and potential constituents. From these door to door encounters we have been told that more than one candidate has been informed that voters would vote for that candidate “if they voted.”
When elections are held in this country it is common to see low voter turnout. In fact, primary elections tend to have the lowest turnout percentages of all election cycles. Well less than one third of potential voters will get out next Tuesday and voice their Constitutional rights.
This is a sad state of affairs. Why is it that our citizens care so little about the election process? Is it because their candidates never win? Or perhaps it is disillusionment with those candidates who have won and who have failed to keep their promises? Perhaps it is due to sheer laziness and a pure lack of desire or willingness to vote. Who really knows. The only thing that is clear is that another opportunity exists for the citizens of Spencer County to get out and make decisions regarding who their future leaders will be. Stand up citizens! Let your voice be heard. Not only in the ballot box but here at the Magnet.
We of course will be on scene next week to bring you the latest and greatest regarding the election. Feel free to stop on by and give us your opinion.