EDITORIAL: High fives and well-deserved pats on the back

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Parts of Taylorsville are starting to shine lately, and pats on the back are due to be handed out in at least three different places.
First, how about a high five and a  job well done to the Main Street Phase II contractors, as well as the engineers and Main Street Committee members involved.
It’s rare for a project that is closely watched by both local and state agencies to finish ahead of deadline. Not to mention an “unofficial” deadline of this past Saturday’s Progressive Dinner.
The sidewalks were in place, and the only construction tape remaining was around areas that have been designated as “green space.”
Secondly, we’ll give a pat on the back to a group you might not expect. Recently, Taylorsville Police officers completed training that allows the department to transport and utilize Class D felons from the Shelby County Detention Center to make improvements around town.
Over the past few weekends, the inmates have been working hard to improve our city. You may have noticed a house now sits across from the Taylorsville City Hall. Well, we guess it has been there quite a while, but the trees and brush were blocking it from view. The inmates cleared trees, bushes and brush out of the ditch line to greatly improve the look of that section of Taylorsville Road. Police Chief Toby Lewis also said the guys have been mowing and edging the sidewalks down Taylorsville Road and Main Street, and they’re also responsible for painting the curbs down Main Street.
While we appreciate their hard work, it’s worth saying that there shouldn’t be trash on the sides of the road for them to pick up or overgrown sidewalks, so be mindful community members — don’t litter and don’t make their hard work be in vain.
Last, but certainly not least, we applaud the efforts of floodwall commissioner Bobby Smith and those who have been helping him clear the brush and trees from around our beloved floodwall.
Well, at least it should be beloved.
And thanks to Smith and crew, it’s finally getting some TLC.
Since being elected to the floodwall commission earlier this year, Smith has made it his mission to see that deficiencies in floodwall inspections dating back to 2009 are remedied.
Among other issues, if the floodwall receives an unsatisfactory rating, insurance rates could skyrocket for property owners within the floodwall district.
Not to mention, unsatisfactory ratings aren’t handed out without reason, so we hope the floodwall is maintained in such a way that it can perform its duty should the time come.
But the “waterside” of the floodwall is looking great these days. Excavators have been hard at work knocking down trees, clearing out brush and burning the unwanted vegetation (yep, that’s the smoky smell hanging around town the past few weeks).
So, kudos to you all. Our community has always glistened because of its people — now its sidewalks, streets and surrounding areas shine bright enough to match.
Now, if only we could get those red Xs down...