EDITORIAL: One last goodbye

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By Robin Bass

There’s no elegant way to say this. So, in typical Robin Bass form I will blurt out the news and let jaws drop where they may.

Friday will be my last day as editor of the Spencer Magnet as I set out next week to begin a new chapter in my career.

It has been my utmost privilege to serve this community for the past six and a half years. I have been humbled that so many would find what we do at this little paper valuable enough to invest in subscriptions. Even more importantly, I feel honored that you would devote your time to read the simple words written in these pages each week.

Many of you have graciously welcomed me into your homes, into your thoughts and allowed me to tell your stories – no matter how heart-breaking or personal. For those of you who did not want your stories told, but nonetheless managed to find your way into the limelight – my hope is that regardless of the circumstances, your tale was told with accuracy and fairness. That was, after all, what I strived for most.

Find comfort in the fact that my decision to leave has not been without prayerful consideration. I have grown to adore this community that adopted me so quickly; and my love for this little paper is even greater.

I now find myself in a position of great opportunity; one that I believe was made possible only by God’s design. I feel that to do otherwise would be against His will and purpose for my and my daughter’s lives.

I wish you well, Spencer County, and I want to again thank each of you for trusting me to report your community news in the best way I knew how.