EDITORIAL: From our office to your mailbox

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This time next week, you may just find a surprise in your mailbox.
Twice each year, The Spencer Magnet publishes a countywide sample, which is mailed to every household in Spencer County. Next Wednesday, April 4, is the first of those editions this year.
We hear in life that nothing is truly free, but we at the Magnet beg to differ.
We’re sending you a complimentary copy of our newspaper next week. Sure, we hope you like what you see, and yes, we hope you’ll decide to become one of our regulars, but either way, next week’s paper is yours to keep, no strings attached.
So, why bring it up now? Just as a courtesy, really, and to let you know that you won’t be receiving next week’s edition in error and you certainly won’t be charged for it. It’s no post-date April fool, it’s our gift to you.
Even if you’re a current subscriber or a reader who prefers to pick up your copy off the rack each week (thank you so much, by the way!), you’ll get a little something extra in next week’s paper.
Next week’s edition will feature our Easter special section and, in addition to your A section, which is chock full of news, and your B section, which includes county sports, At Home articles and public record, you’ll also get a section C, which will be full of stories to remind you it’s spring — a time to plant, make crafts, try new recipes and, yes, even file your taxes.
So, this time next week, sit back, relax and enjoy your weekly newspaper. We’ve been serving you since 1867, and we’re going to keep up the good work.