ELECTION 2008: Voter turn out impressive

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By The Staff

The only complaint heard through-out the county on this election day from voters was the long lines at the precincts. Which can only mean there were lots of people voting.

“We have had an awesome turnout,” said Election Officer Sheriff Brent Baker as voters streamed steadily in and out of First Baptist Church on Main Street.

According to Baker, at about 4:30 p.m. today there had been over 1,300 ballots cast at the Taylorsville precinct. Early morning brought the longest of lines at the downtown polling place, but some reports indicated that the turn-out was even greater at Spencer Christian Church in Elk Creek.

“I voted around 9 a.m. and waited 30 minutes in line,” said Sydney Adams of Dale’s Lane. “I saw a maximum of four people go to Elk Creek #4. Let’s divide precincts four and eight up a little more evenly,” she said.

Voters were lined up out the church’s interior door and down the hallway.

The chatter on the police radio also remained steady with officers reporting to Spencer Christian Church for traffic detail due to the numbers.

Spencer County Clerk Judy Puckett said she had received relatively few calls about problems voting, especially considering the high volume.

“They do have more voters in district eight,” said Puckett, adding that the total number of those registered to vote in that district is 1,675.

In anticipation of voter turn out, Puckett said an extra voting machine was placed at both Elk Creek #4 and #8.

Voters in Elk Creek #8 should not anticipate district lines to redrawn until sometime after the next U.S. Census in 2010.

Puckett also said that next election season, precincts will be switching from the 1242 voting machines to paper ballots that will be scanned. While the process will be much quicker, voters may have difficulty switching from the machines. The E-slate voting machines, which uses touch-screen technology, will still be used.