ELECTION 2010: Candidate list for Spencer County voters

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By The Staff

The following is a list of national, state and local candidates that hope to serve the voters in Spencer County. Races with multiple party candidates will first face off in the primary election on Tuesday, May 18, 2010. The last day to register to vote in the primary is Monday, April 19, 2010.

An asterisk (*) denotes an incumbent.


U.S Senate

Republicans: Bill Johnson, Gurley L. Martin, Rand Paul, Jon J. Scribner, John Stephenson, and C.M. "Trey" Grayson.

Democrats: Jack Conway, Daniel Mongiardo, Darlene F. Price, Maurice M. Sweeney, and James Buckmaster

U.S. Representative

Republican: *Brett Guthrie

Democrat: Ed Marksberry


State Senate

District 20

Republicans: David J. Glauber and Paul Hornback

Democrats: David Eaton and John E. Spainhour

State Representative

District 50

Republican: *David Floyd

Democrat: Eddie O'Daniel

District 55

Republican: Kim King

Democrat: *Kent Stevens

District 58

Republican: *Brad Montell

53rd Judicial Court

District Judge (non partisan)

Donna Dutton

Darby Lane Smith

Linda S. Armstrong


Note that there are 53 candidates who filed to run for office in Spencer County.

Judge Executive

*David Jenkins (D)   

Bill Drury (D)   

Carmin Gaines (D)   

David Hesse (R)   

Bill Karrer (R)   

John Riley (R)   

Magistrate Taylorsville Dist. 1

Russ Cranmer (D)   

Paul David Jewell (D)

Mike Moody (R)   

Richard Travelstead (R)

Magistrate Waterford Dist. 2

*Hobert Judd (R)

Magistrate Elk Creek Dist. 3

Thomas Morsey (D)   

Jane Schultz (D)

Bill Shelburne (D)

Jerry Davis (R)

Jerry Hancock (R)

Magistrate Campbranch Dist. 4

Robert Jerry Eye (D)

Donna Jewell (D)

Frankie Owen (D)

Robert M. Shelburne (D)

Ronald “Woodie” Cheek (R)

Jerry Moody (R)   

Magistrate Little Mount/Mt. Eden Dist. 5

*David Goodlett (D)

James Allen Tipton (R)


*Danny Hilbert (D)


Jonathan Bentley (D)

Mike “Birdie” Blackburn (D)

Darrell Herndon (D)

Rick Devine (R)

Danny Joe Hardin (R)

Bob Metcalf (R)

County Clerk

*Judy Puckett (D)

Laura Nation Fulkerson (D)

Lynn Hesselbrock (R)


*Steve Coulter (D)

Buddy Stump (R)

County Attorney

*Ruth Hollan (D)   

Constable Taylorsville Dist. 1

*Charles “Don” Smith, Sr. (D)

Rob Hance (D)

William McKinney (D)

James Ashley (R)   

Constable Waterford Dist. 2

Robert Akridge (D)

Terry L. Herbstreith (D)

Jeremy T. Bass (R)

Roy T. Kyser (R)

Constable Elk Creek Dist. 3

Duane Hume (D)

Keith Thomas (D)

Constable Campbranch Dist. 4

Lawrence Stamper (R)

Constable Little Mount/Mt. Eden Dist. 5

*Larry Bentley (D)

Barry Carman (D)

Melvin Gore (R)

County Surveyor

*Garland Armstrong (D)

Property Valuation Administrator

*Kim Stump (D)