ELECTION 2010: Candidates file for jailer, constable; Judd to seek re-election as Waterford magistrate

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By Robin Bass

The constable election for Taylorsville District 1 is heating up as two more file for the position.


Charles “Don” Smith, Sr. will be seeking re-election to the post he has held for nearly two terms. Smith, 72, was selected with the flip of a coin in a special election when he matches his competitor vote for vote.

“I would like to continue serving the community,” said Smith, a democrat.

Before retiring with the Jefferson County Sheriff’s office, Smith gained 21 years experience in law enforcement.

“Anybody that runs should be qualified and have law enforcement experience,” said Smith. “Not just do it for a gun and a badge.”

Hoping to get on the Republican ticket for Taylorsville constable is James Ashley, a 40-year-old Metro Corrections officer in Jefferson County.

“I’m currently in law enforcement,” said Ashley, and he would like to use his experience to serve his community.

For roughly the past three years, Ashley has worked as a corrections officer. He took about a year during 2008 to pursue a career with the New Orleans Police Department, but moved back when his father-in-law became ill.

Prior to 2006, Ashley spent 10 years with the Jefferson County Reserves Unit.

Ashley said he agreed with Smith that constables should be elected on the law enforcement experience they bring to the position.


Joining the run for Spencer County Jailer is Darrell Herndon. The 52-year-old currently works as a maintenance supervisor for the county, but has been assisting the current jailer with transports for the past nine years.

“I enjoy doing it,” said Herndon. “I know how to treat people. Just because you get arrested doesn’t mean you’re a bad person.”

Herndon has also served as Waterford’s constable for the past four years.

 Waterford magistrate

Incumbent Hobert H. Judd, 73, will be seeking re-election as magistrate of Waterford District 2. If he wins, this would be the Republican’s second term in office.