Election season is the time to step up or shut up

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Elections are an important part of what it means to be American. Every two years we are treated to very significant and important elections, not just for our local races but for the national races as well.
During these election cycles, those people who are dissatisfied with the current state of affairs can either run for public office themselves or back candidates that they feel are more in line with their particular points of view.
Failure to stand up to the plate and run for an elected office does not mean your voice is silenced but it does call into question one’s desire to truly upset the status quo. Take for instance the Mayor and city commissioners for the City of Taylorsville. Coming this fall, all five will be running again for the positions they currently hold. In what amounts to a generally thankless job, these five have once again stepped up to the plate.
Over the last several months several citizens have asked questions both in city council meetings and here in the Spencer Magnet. Some have even called into question the leadership of the five in charge of making decisions for the city, and yet where are these same citizen complainers now? Did they put their money where their complaints were and attempt to run against those they railed against? No, of course not. Ultimately running for a political position is a challenge that few want any piece of. It is quite easy to sit in glass houses and throw stones. It is another to stand in front of the firing squad and take the abuse being directed at you.
That being said, we congratulate the mayor and commissioners. Of course we suppose a write in candidate could still steal the show but it appears as though our city commission is now set. The election has been held and the citizens have spoken.
For all the rest of you who didn’t run... well you know what you can do.