Faces from the past clearer when enlarged

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By Tom Watson

 When pictures of school groups are submitted for publication, it proves very difficult to identify the students unless the names are submitted at the same time.

But with programs like Photoshop, pictures that were well composed and shot with the best equipment of the era, can be enlarged, making recognition of individuals possible.

While some of our readers are not native to Spencer County and would not be able shed any light on such identities, others may recall that they have seen other photos of the people, identified in a particular collection. Perhaps they were in family albums or in a display such as those at the county fair.

The photo appearing with this column was sent to me a few years ago, but unfortunately I am unable to recall who sent it or if names were   included. It is an exceptionally clear photo, that was likely taken at the Yoder Poignand school on the knoll in Taylorsville.

If any of our readers can help identify the students or teachers in the picture, please write in. My email address is twscribe@yahoo.com