FAITH FOR TODAY: It is better to give than to receive

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By The Staff


When I was a little kid I would hear people say “It is better to give than to receive.” I wondered what they meant, because I sure looked forward to Christmas and my birthday each year. As a kid it seemed to me that it was better to receive than to give. Well, I suppose that may be somewhat of a typical attitude for a child along with a number of other attitudes that parents try to change over time.

As a pastor of a small church near Elk Creek, I have seen first hand what it means, “It is better to give than to receive.” Let me give you an example, of how our little church has been blessed by other churches who believe “It is better to give than to receive.”

As a small church that started in December 2007 we started with pretty much an empty building. As individuals and churches in the surrounding area and surrounding states found out about our needs they responded with new or gently used gifts like: padded pews, tables, chairs, pulpit, lectern, altar, candleabras, hymnals, electronic keyboard, communion ware, and Bibles. Did we deserve all these things? No. Did those who gave have to give? No. They gave because they believe “It is better to give than receive.”

I think they learned the principle of giving from our heavenly Father, the one who created us and the universe we live in. Our heavenly Father gave something very precious and dear to Him, to each one of us, He gave us His son, Jesus. Through Jesus we receive all of the gifts that God has for us; the forgiveness of sins, love, peace, purpose, eternal life in heaven, and even faith itself. These kinds of gifts can’t be earned by being good enough. These kind of gifts can’t be purchased with money. These kinds of gifts are simply received from the generous hand of God by people who realize that they are poor sinners in need of a Savior.

So as we start another year, let each of us take a moment to stop and reflect on where we are at in our relationship with our heavenly Father. If you sense you are far away, maybe it is time to come home. Maybe it is time to meet with your heavenly Father and the family of God, your brothers and sisters in Christ at your local church. Maybe it is time to begin to talk with Him in prayer and read His love letter to you, the Bible.

Remember it is never too late…………. to start doing the right thing.