Fall Litter Abatement Drawing Near

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By The Staff


Even though our visitors to the county may have been careful with their disposable items, the recent mowing of the roads in the county show we still have a long way to go in conquering general litter.

With all the bad news about the economy, the shrinking business output, and the increasing cost of various raw materials, it would seem logical that we, the citizens of Spencer County, would be more aware of the need to reuse every scrap available, be it paper or metal.

I think part of the problem is simply the lack of understanding by the under 40 generation of what it means to be continually short of extra money. Sure, we all know what it feels like to look at some item for sale, and know, that on our budget, we cannot even dream of having the item. However, this is usually a want, not a true need.

Needs refer to food, clothing, a roof over our heads that don’t leak, and tools necessary for us to earn our daily bread.

I was born just before WWII, my first memories are getting by with what we had, rationing, low speed limits to save tire’s wear and gas, growing gardens and canning produce to save money. One man once told me that he turned his shoelaces over twice a year. He found that made them last longer, The same man told me his wife had discovered how to make one tea bag make two cups of tea by timing the steeping. One neighbor, who did not drive much, took two tires with holes in them, mounted them as best he could on the wheel with the holes covered, and wired them on the wheel. Granted he could not make much speed, but he could ride rather than walk.

What goes around comes around. If we do not limit our waste, and if we continue to lag in the recycling of our usable scrap, we could revert to a similar situation in our land in the near future.

With this in mind, all of the leaders of the non-profit groups wishing to participate in the Fall Roadside Litter Abatement Drive can register, get bags and gloves here at the office at 220 Main Cross Street. If you have any questions, call 477-3218, or drop in at our office.