Few facts public about board of education settlement involving special education

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By Mallory Bilger

Little public information is available regarding a recent settlement reached by the Spencer County Board of Education regarding a special education-related proceeding handled in closed session.
The board entered into executive session at its regular meeting last Monday, giving the following rationale for the session: “Discussions of proposed or pending litigation against or on behalf of the public agency. Spencer County BOE will entertain a motion to enter into executive session to discuss proposed litigation on behalf of the public agency in the form of an administrative, due process hearing.”
Superintendent Chuck Adams confirmed the executive session was a due process hearing involving special education-related issues, but could say little more. The board came out of its meeting and unanimously passed the following motion: “To authorize the board’s liability insurance carrier and legal counsel to resolve an administrative proceeding through the payment of money in exchange for a full release of liability, and to authorize the superintendent to execute any documents necessary to conclude the administrative proceeding.”
Adams was able to comment on what the district would be paying out as a result of the settlement.
“I can tell you as a result of the mediation settlement, the district is only responsible for the $2,500 deductible,” he wrote.