Find it here. Find what here?

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By Michael Waits

Within the past two weeks, you might have received a small packet on your front door. I’m not talking about a delivery from the post office or a brochure to inform registered voters, but more importantly an invitation from your local church to make a decision that will forever change your life. Thousands of Southern Baptist churches have cooperatively organized a way to distribute what they believe is the most important message ever told to every household in North America. This ministry is called Find it Here.

You might be asking yourself, “Find what here?” Hopefully by now you have received a small bag strategically placed on your front door with a card inside that reads, “Find it Here,” and offers the words “Hope. Purpose. Peace. Life.” Do you believe these are things that can be obtained? I do. And so do millions of others who believe strongly in sharing hope, purpose, peace, and life in Jesus Christ as found in the Bible.

The front of the card reads, “There is a place where the most important things in life can be found.” If someone told you they could direct you to the most important things in life, would you look? Opening this card will point you in the direction of how you can find the answer to some of life’s greatest questions: How can I know God exists? Why should I trust the Bible? What is the purpose of life? People have spent their entire lives searching for answers to questions like these only to wind up at the beginning asking the same question, “What am I doing here?”

The Bible has answers to all of life’s great questions, and all one needs to do is look. In it we can find that we have been fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139:14) by the creator of the heavens and the earth, and that we were fashioned in his own image (Genesis 1:26). Because we have been made by God, we can be sure that he has a purpose for our lives just as everything that has been created has purpose. The Bible says that our purpose is to glorify God and take pleasure in him forever.

But how can we do that? First we must understand that we have a problem. Sin is anything contrary to God’s perfect law found in the 10 Commandments. The Bible also says that because of the presence of sin in the world and in our own lives, we stand guilty before God and all of mankind has been separated from him for that reason. That separation ultimately leads to what the Bible says is an eternal death. But there is good news because God made a way that we could have a relationship with him that ends in eternal life. Jesus said, ”I am the way, the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father except through me” (John 14:6).

So the big question now is this: what must you do to have eternal life? There is a way to restore your relationship to God, but to find the answer you’re going to have to look for yourself. If you want to know more about beginning a relationship with God through his Son, Jesus Christ, you can visit the website www.FinditHere.com for spiritual help or visit a local church near you. Southern Baptists invite you to join them for service on Easter Sunday, April 4, where you will hear more about this wonderful news of hope, purpose, peace, and life.

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