First place STARS

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By The Staff

The Spencer County Chapter of the Family Career and Community Leaders of America competed in the Region 6 STAR Events in February.  The chapter is very proud to announce that each competitor won first place in their category. 

Winners included:  

Chapter Showcase - Jr.

Emily Booth

Mackenzie Keown

Ally Sharp

Chapter Serv. Project Display - Jr.

Erica McKinney

Samantha Swinney

McKenna Pfeiffer

Chapter Serv. Project Display - Sr.

Lauren Polston

Lauren Kempf

Caitlyn Wolz

Chapter Serv. Project Manual - Jr.

Emily Browning

Ashton Edwards

Kywia Gilbert

Chapter Serv. Project Manual - Sr.

Morgan Swisher

Samantha Barnes

Tori Palmer

Job Interview - Occupational

Samantha McWherter

Parliamentary Procedure - Jr.

Lauren Leichty

Gage Daniels

Taylor Yates

Taylor Jaggers

Sydney Boatright

Megan Noblett

Jacqui Jones

Sydney Wise

Parliamentary Procedure - Sr.

Alex Poole

Leah Spears

Katherine Luckett

Jayme Thomas

Heather Helton

Charlotte Arias

Tiffany Frost

Samantha Barmore

National Programs - Sr.

Brandi Bleemel

Alexis Hardin

Kelsey Jennings