Fun times for all at the fair

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By Robin Bass

The flashing lights. The smell of elephant ears and corn dogs bathing in hot grease. The screams of delight coming from the carnival rides. It must be time for the fair.


Spencer County’s 2010 Fair, which began last night, continues tonight through Saturday. Each evening promises prize-winning livestock, roaring motors and home-grown beauties of all ages. Literally, something for everyone.

Dwight Martin said his hopes are that people will forget their worries this week and enjoy all that the fair has to offer.

“People need a chance just to relax,” said the fair president. “This is an economical way to have a fun-filled night with the family.”

Unlike some of the surrounding county fairs, Martin said Spencer’s is a bargain. He cited that at a neighboring fair a family of four would spend $100 on admission and rides alone. That same family could have saved their dough for fried dough and other tasty treats by spending only $40 for admission and rides at the Spencer County Fair.

“It’s a good value for your recreational dollar,” said Martin.

While several events are traditionally crowd-pleasers, like last night’s Miss Spencer County Pageant, Martin said he expects Saturday’s mud bog to be the most heavily-attended. He estimates that if the weather cooperates, the dirt-slinging vehicles could draw about 2,500 people. The highest attendance in the fair’s history is 2,340.

Martin said he is all about fair goers having fun, as long as they do it responsibly.

“We are an alcohol-free environment,” he said.

The fairgrounds has a strict “no glass” policy that will be enforced. Martin said guests should expect their coolers to be inspected at the gate.

“Glass is a hazard,” said Martin. “People take them and just throw them on the ground. We’ve got people walking around in sandals out here. We’re trying to keep people from getting hurt.”

The fair opens tonight at 6 p.m. and will remain open until 11 p.m. Admission for everyone over 6 is $10.

Schedule of events at the fair

Wednesday, July 28

10 am – 1 pm Enter Exhibits (E)

6 pm – Barnyard Olympics (T)

6 pm - Back Seat Driving Contest (R)

 7 pm – Exhibits Open (E)

 7 pm – Truck Tug-O-War (R)

 7:30 pm – Miss Teen Pageant (P)

Thursday, July 29

6 pm – Sp. Co. 4H/ FFA Beef Show (B)

 6 pm – Open Beef Show (B)

 6 pm – Sp. Co. 4-H/FFA Sheep Show (B)

 6 pm- Pedal Pull (R)

 7 pm –Truck & Tractor Pulls (T)

 7 pm – Kid’s Challenge (R)

 7 pm – Exhibits Open (E)

 7 pm – Kentucky State Fair Bears

 7:30 pm – Little Miss & Mister Pageant (P)

Friday, July 30

6 pm – Sp. Co. 4-H/FFA Dairy Show (B)

 6 pm – Open Dairy Show (B)

 7 pm – Exhibits (E)

 7 pm – Archery Shoot (R)

 7 pm – Toddler Show (P)

 7pm – Tractor Pull (T)  featuring last class“King of the Hill”

 8 pm – Mother/Daughter Look-alike Contest (follows Toddler Show) (P)

 8:30 pm – Father/Son Look-alike Contest (follows Mother/Daughter Contest) (P)

Saturday, July 31

9– 10 am Pickup Exhibits (E)

 6 pm – Mud Bog (PIT)

 6 pm – Garden Tractor Pull (T)

 6:30 pm - Baby Show (P)

 7:30 pm – Karaoke Contest (P)  (following Baby show)

Location key:

P – Pavilion

 B – Barns

 E – Exhibit Hall

 R – Horse Ring

 T – Track

 PIT – Mud Pit

Rides nightly 6 p.m. -11 p.m.