Gingerbread contest winners

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By The Staff

The entries for this year’s Gingerbread House Contest will be on display at The Red Scooter through Christmas on Main Street Friday.

There were 42 entries this year.

The winners in the several different groups were as follows:


Fifth Grade Group -

First Place went to Dee Ray, Marianne Rutherford, Kyle Alexander and Joe Quintero

Second Place went to Taylor Jones, Shelby Santiago, Destiny Smith and Amber Hahn

Fifth Grade Individual -

First Place went to Michaela Cox

Second Place weint to Jacob Cortez

Seventh Grade -

First Place went to Nicholas Dysinger

Second Place went to Taylor Brian

Eighth Grade -

First Place went to Melissa White

Second Place went to Danielle Cantrell

Honorable Mention went to Taylor Armour


Ages 5 and under -

First Place went to Jack Baird

Second Place went to Nathan Pace

Ages 6 - 8

First Place went to Kelly Baird

Ages 9 - 12

First Place went to Will Woodward

Second Place went to Bethany Hood

Ages 13 - 17

First Place went to Megan White

Second Place went to Jamie Pace


First Place went to Sheila Bramer and family

Second Place went to Rita Hauck and children


First Place went to Leslie Moorman

Second Place went to Sheila Hood

Honorable Mention and Best Technical Design went to John Shircliffe

Other entrants were Blake Richardson, Amber Adcock, Brad Kaleher, Jacob Barnes, Noah Dockery, Makayla Reece, Faye Rice, Cidny Clark, Sam Pace, Danielle Eisenbach, Lizzie Beeson, Shelby West, Nathan Henry, Deryck Jones, Dylan Meyer, Adam Watkins, Brian Riggs, Casey Workman, Talia Montes, Damien Vires and Charlissa Wakefield.