Greenwell-Houghlin Funeral Home strives to leave families with good memories in difficiult times

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By Shannon Brock

The funeral home business is all Field Houghlin has ever known.


Field recalls helping out at his father’s funeral home when he was young enough and short enough to stand up in the back of an ambulance used for transporting flowers.
So it’s no surprise that when he graduated college, he joined right in the family business. And, it’s no surprise that when “Greenwell’s” went on the market in 2001, he and his cousin, David Houghlin, invested in it and in the Spencer County community.
Greenwell-Houghlin Funeral Home, located at 101 Reasor Ave., has been owned and operated by the Houghlin family since 2001, though its roots as a funeral home in the community extend back to 1942.
Field’s father started in the funeral home business in Bloomfield in 1947, and when Field joined him after college, he obtained some valuable advice.
“My daddy told me, ‘Treat everyone the way you want to be treated and you’ll be fine,’” Field recalled. “And that’s just not for funeral homes, that’s for everything.”
Families are in the middle of a bad time, and the Houghlins want to make sure they are left with good memories.
“The best part is creating a good memory picture, it’s good for closure and we want them to have a good service,” Field said. “We want them to forget the bad they saw in the hospital or nursing home and leave them with good memories out of a bad situation.”
David agreed.
“We want to leave the people satisfied,” he said.
Field said he’s been in the business long enough that not much surprises him, but said there are certain things that make some days harder than others.
“Nothing is worse or harder than seeing a family lose a child,” Field said. He recalled a service in Bloomfield where an 82-year-old man succumbed to cancer.
“His mother was 100 years old, and he was still her little boy … That’s the hardest thing, to see a parent lose a child.”
With each family, the Houghlins strive to be honest, fair and caring.
“It goes back to what my dad said, treat people honestly, treat people fairly, treat them the way you want to be treated,” Field said.
Greenwell-Houghlin has recently undergone a renovation and expansion. The funeral home has added a 2,800-square-foot chapel, which can accommodate 299 guests.
The funeral home now has handicap-accessible men and women’s bathrooms, a flower delivery room, an updated selection room and more.
“The whole funeral home has been redone,” Field said.
Field and David said they feel blessed to be a part of the Spencer County community.
“It’s a real blessing to be here and serving the community,” Field said.


Owner: Field Houghlin and David and Donna Houghlin, Bill and Denise Shelburne and Brian Houghlin
Address: 101 Reasor Ave.
Hours: 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., but someone is on-call 24/7
Number of employees: 1 full-time: Roger Thurman; 3 part-time Dave Stratton, the Rev. Mavis Bennett and Michelle Housley
In business since: 2001 under current ownership; est. in 1942
Phone: 502-477-8134
Email: gjh@houghlinfuneralhomes.com
Website: houghlinfuneralhomes.com