Group invites community to join ‘Losin’ it on Main’

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By Hallie Beard

With the Easter Bunny on vacation for another year, candy must move from supermarket displays to make room for spring-induced diet pills, exercise videos, and low-calorie bars. For some, just as winter weather is struggling to hold on, so are those last few holiday pounds.

For those looking for accountability for their weight-loss endeavors, there’s a new option in Spencer County. Jo Woodward, Annette King, Susan Arnold and Beverly Ingram are launching “Losin’ It on Main,” a Taylorsville weight-loss group free for people of all ages, genders, shapes and sizes.
“We believe there are three components to losing weight: drinking water, exercising, and eating healthy,” said King. “But the key is having encouragement.”
As of last Friday, Losin’ It meetings are being held at 9 a.m. at the Red Scooter. Weigh-ins and a discussion will take place until the store opens at 10, but participants can drop by at any time until 5 p.m. on Fridays to record their progress.
While many residents may have hesitations about public “weigh-ins,” the Losin’ It team insists there is nothing to fear. “We will never call out a number,” said Woodward. “Privacy is important.”
The founders of Losin’ It understand that weight-loss is a personal matter, and they also understand that fitness plans are not one-size-fits-all.
“It’s just what works for that individual,” said Arnold. “’Bring Your Own Plan’ is our motto.”
Members of Losin’ It are not required to follow any specific diet or exercise routine—even the group founders have differing goals and ambitions. For some, it’s losing 5-10 pounds; for others, it’s incorporating exercise into daily life.
“I love to walk…maybe one day I’ll do a 5K,” said Ingram. “You’ve got to move it to lose it!”
Though they’re serious about reaching their goals, the core women of Losin’ It want weekly meetings to be informal and fun. Woodward used her creativity to make a motivational trinket as a reward—different colored beads are awarded as goals are reached.
Unlike other programs or fitness facilities, there are no fees with Losin’ It, and no process for joining. According to the group, “all you need is time and energy.”
“We’re not looking for numbers,” said Arnold. “If one or two people show up, that’s fine.”
For anyone in need of healthy recipes, workout motivation, or an opportunity to make a few new friends, contact the Red Scooter at 477-6608 to start ‘Losin’ It on Main.’