GUEST COLUMN: There's a more important vote to cast this November

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By Jon Rohr

The political season is in full swing. From the left and the right, from Republicans and Democrats, from conservatives and liberals, everyone is clamoring for your vote.

The signs are up along the roadway, the radio is full of interviews and debates, and on TV last night I saw the attack ads in all their ugly glory!

Have you noticed that every politician promises to make your life better?

Their plan will be best for our city; they have the only way to bring jobs to our county. They all seem to say, “Vote for me and I will make your life better.”

But can a politician really make your life better?

Certainly they could lower taxes or increase services that may make this or that area of life easier, but will it really be better?

A better life implies something about quality, about character and integrity, about value and purpose, and no politician can give you that.

That kind of change does not happen by casting a vote at the ballot box. It comes from making a different kind of choice at a different kind of place.

A politician may change our circumstances, but cannot change our character.

I hope you go out and vote in a couple of weeks, but never forget that the vote that really counts, the one that changes everything is not made at your local polling place.

The choice that holds eternal significance, the choice that changes us from the inside out, is the choice to trust in God through His Son Jesus.

I was introduced to that choice in a Church, but I actually made my choice sitting in a car on a rainy night. A long time ago a man named Joshua said, “Choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve.” (Joshua 24:15 NIV)

In our modern politically charged atmosphere Joshua might have said, “Cast your vote! Who will you serve? Make a choice!”

Some of us have already made that choice.

Whether in a Church or in your home or even sitting in a car, you have made a choice to serve and trust the Lord. Perhaps you have not made that choice.

Maybe you are depending on the upcoming vote to change your life for the better. If I may be so bold, don’t wait for November 2nd. Make your choice like Joshua did when he said, “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”

Cast the vote that will last forever, and cast it today!