Hesselbrock to serve on Secretary of State’s special task force

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Submitted to the Spencer Magnet

Spencer County Clerk Lynn Hesselbrock recently announced her inclusion in a special task force launched by Kentucky Secretary of State, Alison Lundergan Grimes.

The task force is dubbed the “Task Force on Elections, Constitutional Amendments and Intergovernmental Affairs.” It consists of several members of the Secretary of State’s Office and County Clerks from across the Commonwealth.
The purpose is to allow the Secretary of State to gain insight into issues that directly affect citizens at the county level from the input of the clerks in those counties.
According to Secretary Grime’s Assistant Secretary, Lindsay Thurston, “the Task Force will discuss, consider and troubleshoot important legislative initiatives and other relevant issues/initiatives so that all of our agencies may continue to effectively and efficiently serve the citizens of the Commonwealth.”
The inaugural session of the task force was Aug. 27 in Frankfort at the Secretary’s office.  Issues discussed included upcoming proposed legislation including KRS 118.770, which in part deals with the costs of elections, the “Dewayne Bunch Act” also known as HB 293, which would save counties money if only one candidate is running in a special election, and also allows for uncontested special elections to be held at the county clerk’s office or at a location approved by the State Board of Elections, saving the expense of separate polling locations and election officers.
Special elections currently cost about $1,000 per precinct, a financial burden to counties. Another issue discussed was candidate filing fees. The proposed legislation would allow the Secretary of State to waive the filing fee when redistricting changes the district number and boundaries, which recently happened here in Spencer County. Other topics included a dedicated website where county clerks could obtain all forms directly from the Secretary of State’s website.
“I am excited to have a seat at the table for this important task force that will directly affect the people of Spencer County," Hesselbrock said. "I will work diligently to make certain that Spencer County’s citizens’ needs are taken into account. I feel that Secretary of State Grimes is an enthusiastic proponent for the people of the Commonwealth and has shown a willingness to work with all the county clerks in the Commonwealth for their common good.”