High School Cafeteria still not operational

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By Kathy Lynch


The cafeteria at the Spencer County High School is still not up and running as reported during the architectural update given before the Spencer County Board at Monday’s meeting.  

When asked when the school could expect to utilize the new cafeteria, the representative responded that he would have to check and make some calls to find out a more definite time scale.  Adding he was hoping that all construction would be complete by the time the students, staff and faculty return from Christmas break.

A point of pride for the high school was brought to the board by SCHS Principal Tracy Bale.  Bale introduced Katie Baxter, the 2009 Merit Scholarship recipient.  Baxter earned this by being one of the top five percent of more than 1.5 million students across the nation.

School Board Candidate Scott Travis was on hand and took the opportunity to voice his concerns about the rumor that there are some classrooms with as much as 30 children in them.  Superintendent Chuck Adams responded saying that additional staff has been added for all schools which was reported last month.

A presentation by Scott Noel of the Spencer County Middle School Baseball team showed how the people of Spencer County have stepped up to the mound and through volunteering time, materials and money totaling right at $40,000 for the athletic fields, should be proud of their efforts.  The remaining things needed for the fields such as, fencing, backstops and dugouts are being worked on and Noel thanked the community and board while asking for their consideration and approval to help finish the fields using the middle school leftover money from the building contingency fund. 

Principals had the opportunity to speak and outline their schools activities and strategies to keep their student’s performances moving in a forward and upward motion.  

Parents can contact their child’s principal for more information and suggestions on how they can be a part of that plan.

Three names were submitted for the selection of the Local Planning Committee Representative.  Although the names were submitted, the board did not receive letters which were supposed to be turned in by the nominees.  Without these letters and the information within, and with the recommendation of Superintendent Adams, Jill Herndon was chosen.