Host families sought locally for exchange students

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Submitted to the Spencer Magnet

EF Foundation is an agency involved in the placement of foreign exchange students into local high schools, by being hosted by American families. This year Spencer County High has enjoyed two students, Mishale from Spain, and Anja from Germany.


They have both been hosted by the Andrade family. Laura Andrade reflected on the experience.
“Life is never dull,” she said. “It has been like a slumber party every night.  Sharing our home with these two ladies has been very rewarding. They have won our hearts.”
Mishale arrived from Spain last August.  She has passionately involved herself with many high school activities. She has made many friends, attending games, dances, and is currently trying out for the softball team.
She is already feeling sad about the time in June when she will be going back to Spain.
“It has been the best year of my life,” Mishale said. “I have made alot of friends who I will miss. They will always be in my heart.”
Anja came to the U.S. from Germany. She has joined in many of the musical experiences at school, including piano and guitar classes, and chorus.
When asked about her favorite new part of this past year, she said, “It’s my host family. It seems like I’ve known them my whole life, instead of just a few months. It feels like home here.”
EF’s greatest purpose is cultural awareness, and this has certainly been accomplished with Mishale and Anja. Many here in Spencer County have learned just a little more about Spain and Germany in a very personal way, and they will return to their countries spreading good news about Americans.
Sally Crespo, the EF local coordinator, is now busy finding host families for next year’s students that will be arriving this August.
Anyone willing to spread a little care by sharing their lives should call Crespo at 502-477-1972, or email her at sunbeam916@yahoo.com.
Visit the EF Foundation at www.effoundation.org or call 1-800-44-SHARE.