Junior star

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By The Staff

Submitted to The Spencer Magnet

Mackenzie Myers, an 8th grader at SCMS who plays basketball for SCMS and SCHS, traveled to Columbus, Ohio last weekend with family to participate in the invitation only USA Jr. Nationals basketball competition. Mackenzie was the youngest girl, the only 8th grader, participating in the competition with over 50 other high school varsity basketball players representing Kentucky, Tennessee, and Ohio. Mackenzie was placed on a team of 10 girls and every team played 3 games, each player playing one half of each game. Mackenzie’s team won 2 of their 3 games and she scored a total of 13 points, including a 3-point shot in the first game. This event also hosted college scouts from all over the nation and the Jr. Nationals committee will chose teams to represent each state in the 2010 International Sports Festival to be held in Columbus July 19-25. Mackenzie had a great time participating in this event, learned a lot, and made several new friends.