LETTER: ‘Good ole boy network’ still in place

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Although I had hoped the election of 2010 would have greatly diminished the good ole boy network in local government, it has not. Carmin Gaines said it very well, the election simply changed the players.
Judge-Executive Bill Karrer and the magistrates have come against County Clerk Judy Puckett and former EDA director Annette King, citing the rule of law and accountability to the taxpayers. However, the Ethics Commission and Deputy Damon Jewell have gotten a free pass.
Although the Ethics Commission found former Sheriff Steve Coulter, then-deputy Kyle Bennett and then-deputy Jewell guilty, no penalty was issued – and Jewell currently works for Sheriff Buddy Stump. Why? Stump holds a constitutional office with powers to discipline employees under his command.
The Ethics Commission has been derelict in its duties, not only concerning the Steve Coulter complaint, but the Annette King complaint. The commission appears to be a partisan group with the mission of providing political comfort and refuge to fellow comrades, more than enforcing accountability to taxpayers. The time has come for removal of the ethics commission members. Why has Karrer turned a blind eye toward this problem?
It appears Stump is given whatever his heart desires. A new truck and cars, a boat and countless equipment. As well as raises and benefits, along with hazardous duty retirement pay, which will lead to economic distress for the county budget. Stump appears to be engaging in an all out money grab.
Sources advise me Karrer and Stump were engaged in secret meetings with Shelby County dispatch, without the dispatch commission’s knowledge. Stump says all is well with KSP dispatch. Then why secretly try to move it to Shelby County?
Karrer even led the campaign to allow Stump to potentially use county-owned cars for personal use – the new Administrative Code 7.3 Section A-D. No sooner than the ink had dried on this code change, it was shown, that former Deputy Gordon Miles had an illegal occupant in his cruiser while on duty. The only reason it was found out was because an arrested person filed a complaint against Miles for this infraction. This happened while on duty, and we are to believe cars will be used off duty with strict adherence to policy. Really?
It has been confirmed, Karrer is seeking to confiscate the existing extension office building for his agenda plans. The memorandum of lease doesn’t allow for this. The Bill Karrer, who was elected county judge-executive, doesn’t seem to emulate the Bill Karrer who campaigned for the position of county judge.
Did voters vote for what Karrer was bringing to the office or simply against former Judge-Executive David Jenkins?
Yes, Carmin, there is a good ole boy system in Spencer County. They’re called the Republicans. I am truly disappointed.

Lawrence Trageser

Editor’s note: Sheriff Buddy Stump has said that the new truck and cars currently used by the Spencer County Sheriff’s Department were approved and purchased under the previous administration; a boat was also given to the department free of charge. Also, Judge-Executive Bill Karrer confirmed that he did have a meeting with Shelby County Dispatch, but said he also met with the Kentucky State Police Dispatch at Post 12 and says he considered neither meeting to be “secret.” As far as the memorandum of lease for the existing extension office, Karrer said he has examined it as well as the lease itself to make informed decisions on what is best for taxpayers when the new extension office opens.