LETTER: ACT scores, Bill Drury and public forums

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By The Staff

First, the article about ACT scores caught my interest. It seems to me the students’ best interest would be to teach them the subject matter rather than concentrating on teaching them how to take the test. Wouldn’t their knowledge be better if they know the whole subject rather than the answers to the test questions? Think about it, could that be why our school system is ranked low.

Second, if one person in particular would take an interest in working for the improvement of Bill Drury’s district rather than tearing him down he might have a better outlook on life in Spencer Co. Bill has done much more than many know about. He works for us all the time whether you believe it or not. He is a little gung ho and some don’t like that but I do.

Third, the reason the EDA and the committee for the wet/dry petition won’t participate in the public forum is because they were advised by the other counties that had done public forums to not do it under any conditions. The public forums turned into mass chaos and in some cases violence erupted. It seems that both sides were extremely vocal and verbally and physically abusive toward the speakers and others. If anyone has followed the public forums about the changes in health care you know what can happen. Also, remember how it got out of hand at the board meeting for the Airport. That was supposed to be an information only meeting and the audience would not let it happen.

I do hope that there are people for the county going wet at the forum but I think the audience will mostly be those against a wet county. I also hope that the moderator will allow short questions from the audience. I hope that anyone that makes rude comments or yells or cheers or boos during the forum will be thrown out immediately and/or arrested. The only thing heard from the audience should be a question by a person acknowledged by the moderator. There should be no cheering, booing, clapping, yelling, etc. PERIOD.

Public forums seldom are peaceful events; they always seem to get out of hand. At first I was in favor of the public forum for the wet/dry vote information but after some thought and discussion with others I decided it may not be a good idea. Robin needs to plan for any contingency. I expect there will be hot heads on both sides at the forum. It is a shame that people can’t talk about why they want or don’t want something without getting mad. It is, after all, a discussion of what to expect if the county goes wet and nothing more.

If you go I hope you act like you are standing in your church and God is watching your every move because he really is. That is, if you believe in God. Be respectful of others even if you don’t agree with them.  

Carl Darnell