LETTER: Adkins is choice for Congress

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Bill Adkins, who is running in the 4th Congressional District, believes the middle class has long been under assault by special interests.  Middle class citizens do not have paid lobbyists protecting them — billion dollar corporations do.  Without a strong middle class, the nation cannot survive. Adkins will work for solutions to help defend and rebuild the middle class.
Adkins will fight to protect Social Security and Medicare for our seniors.  There are good plans to keep Social Security solvent well into the future, plans that do not involve privatization and risky investments in Wall Street firms.  Too many of us have seen our retirement accounts vanish into thin air.  Seniors built this nation on a promise of security.  Adkins will work to see that this security is not stolen from us.
He will fight to protect Veterans’ benefits, provide and improve health care and mental health services for service men and women.  We should be there for them.
Adkins believes we cannot tax our way out of debt, nor should we balance our budget on the backs of seniors and the poor.  A vital  economy requires investment and energy.  Getting people back to work by bringing jobs back to the US will create millions of jobs thus more workers paying taxes.
Adkins believes a strong military is critical to our nation’s security, but today’s situations require more intelligence and diplomacy to quell problems before they turn into major conflicts. He believes we should stop sending foreign aid to countries that do not support America.
Adkins supports our Second Amendment right to bear arms and has an extensive gun collection.  Repeated charges are that Democrats are threatening to take away guns from private owners.  This is just a threat the Republicans throw out there to scare you.
Adkins believes America must invest in new energy sources.  KY continues to play an important role in our energy structure, with coal and natural gas.  Developing new technologies for alternative energy sources is crucial to our nation’s future.  We must break our dependence on foreign oil by investing in new energy sources that will create jobs and by drilling for oil in the US where it makes sense and is not a threat to our national treasures and environment.
Owen D. Humphress