LETTER: Alcohol doesn’t mean prosperity

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By The Staff

In light of the current alcohol petition, it is time for those in Spencer County to count the cost. We must ask ourselves what is more important – a few more businesses and jobs or possibly the lives of our community’s people? Becoming a wet county may open the door for more economic stimulus but that means nothing for those who could lose their lives as a result of the freedom to buy, sell, and drink alcohol.

In a county where 90 percent of police runs are somehow related to alcohol, are we so blind as to legalize the very cause of our troubles? In the past four months, 25 people have been convicted of DUIs, which makes it painfully clear that many in Spencer County cannot and will not be responsible with alcohol. If our community has already failed to use common sense when alcohol was illegal, what will it be like when it is legal?When it is available to anyone over age who desires it?

We are a community for the good of the people. Yes, more restaurants would most likely lead to more money but not necessarily more prosperity. Prosperity includes the promotion of the protection of people and their families, something that alcohol does not promote.

Kassie Stemle