LETTER: Alcohol will bring business diversity, jobs " not abuse

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By The Staff

I have been reading with interest all the differing views on the wet versus dry debate. I’ve been thinking about this issue ever since we moved here 12 years ago. I never heard of a dry county until then. I’ve also been thinking about the fact that there is virtually no place for kids/young adults to go to unless it’s a church event or organized sport. I see these two issues merging into a single solution.

First, I would like to point out that because something is available doesn’t make everyone do it. Are we robots? If alcohol were available in a restaurant or store’ it would not make everyone drink it. Just as growing tobacco doesn’t make everyone smoke. If someone in Spencer county wanted a bottle of wine, they would just have to drive a half  hour to get to a different county and make their purchase. They are still going to buy that bottle (just use more gas in the process). We’ve already tried prohibition. Didn’t work. We are giving our money and businesses to other counties by not having the option to buy here. Not having alcohol is not going to keep someone from drinking.

Question for all you opposing the proposition; do you think smoking is good for you? How many of you were raised off the income from growing tobacco? Did growing it put you through college or put food on the table? Did you all smoke because of it? No, of course not. Nor would you be an alcoholic if alcohol was available. By having alcohol available in our county, it could provide the way for more businesses to come into our community. And  no, I’m not talking adult strip clubs. More diverse businesses would come here: bowling alley, nice restaurants, movie theater perhaps, even businesses that would train and employ our youth, for those not going right off to college. And that right there is the main reason our county must grow; our youth and all those coming after them.

After high school, what do any of our bright young adults have to keep them here? If they are to make anything of their lives, they will leave this county to go to college, to learn a trade, to get a better paying job. They will come in contact with alcohol. Guess what, lots of them will drink. If they grew up in an environment that demonized drinking alcohol, they will tend to overdo it and become the alcoholics we fear. When these businesses, which we are desperate to have, move into a “wet” Spencer County and begin to flourish, they become invested in the community and will contribute and provide resources that will be available to our children. If our churches and community leaders are truly interested in our salvation they will partner with these businesses to use the resources made available to educate and improve the lives of our children. The result can be providing a recreation center, or a YMCA, community pool, training center, or any other activity that is available in so many other towns. Something interesting and engaging for our kids so they don’t need to drink to fill their time. Additionally, they don’t see alcohol as something to look forward to because it is not forbidden, which only increases their desire for it.

Additionally, the role our churches can play will be to educate our children about alcohol abuse (not alcohol itself) and the negative effects it has on families.

We are many people and we do not all think the same. Just because someone chooses to have a drink or two does not make them an alcoholic. It doesn’t make someone bad, evil or immoral if they choose to have a beer with pizza or wine with dinner or champagne for celebration, or just because they want to. Let’s be real here. Becoming a wet county will not increase the number of people already consuming alcohol. It merely retains our dollars in this county. Almost every time I come home I see discarded beer cases thrown on the side of the road, it’s coming from somewhere. It is appalling that some of our Ministers attempt to spread falsehoods about the

word of God and alcohol. It will not work. Lets stop being hypocrites. Those who enjoy a

drink now and then are not going to hell. Don’t worry about my salvation. Let’s worry about the

future of our community now.

If you do not want to drink alcohol, by all means don’t buy it. If businesses would come here

regardless of our wet/dry laws I wouldn^t care, but the fact is they won’t. Our world is much

bigger than this little county. Our kids know it, but do our elders. When they leave, this town

will die if it doesn’t change. Right now it’s really a bedroom community where most of our

dollars are spent in Louisville and most of the people work in Louisville. Lets come together and

do something positive for our community and grow together in harmony. Finally, let’s give the

people the chance to vote on this issue.

Julia Gargotto

Mount Eden