LETTER: Alternatives to alcohol-based businesses

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By The Staff

Let us not cloud our county, which exudes innocence and purity for children and adults, with an unhealthy lifestyle of alcohol sales.  Let us build upon our positive qualities and create additional healthy businesses to work in and recreation in rather than offer bars, ABC stores, and “Happy Hours” in restaurants for our citizens. 

Here are some alternative businesses:  construct a community center where we can play tennis, form teams, swim indoors/outdoors, exercise in classes, and cycle on new walkways. Teach water skiing on our lakes and build an indoor ice skating facility.  Open a movie theatre that is well supervised and maintained for all to enjoy.  Increase our library visitation and expand its services to all.  Further support the arts and teach our children those art forms.  Venture to our parks and horse trails.  Cherish farmland, by not building shopping centers on them, which will force our excellent customer service oriented small businesses out.

Due to our experience in living in counties where alcohol sales existed, we learned that alcohol did not necessarily bring profits but increased taxes.  These are the reasons why:

Crime, addiction, injuries, car accidents and deaths increased among children and adults because one’s cognitive abilities were impaired when consuming alcohol.  Using additional tax dollars, these county bodies had to increase their staff and services because of the negative consequences from alcohol sales:    law enforcement, social services, child protective services, health departments, government housing agencies, correctional institutions and medical clinics.  Businesses and residents did not want to move there due to those results.

Teenagers drank alcohol because it was readily available.  Some became injured, addicted, arrested or died from using it or from being around the bad behaviors of those who consumed it.  High school drop out and truancy rates increased.  Those students lost their desire for learning and working.  School systems hired additional social workers and police because crime rose.

Homelessness increased and services had to be created to assist that population at the tax payers’ expense.

Alcohol related crimes moved from neighborhood to neighborhood leaving deterioration behind. After inmates were released from prison for alcohol related crimes, they could not get employment which increased the cost of social services expenses. 

Is this the picture you want to slowly emerge in the county because of alcohol sales?  Let us reassure ourselves that Spencer County is a special, safe and innocent place to live and it is ok to live purely and not incorporate alcohol sales because surrounding counties sell it.  Let us emphasize our positive qualities and build upon them.

Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Costanzo

Elk Creek