LETTER: America Recycles Day Nov. 15

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By The Staff

Today is Wednesday, November 5, 2008. We, the people, exercised our right to vote yesterday on probably the largest scale ever. Today we have a new President, and a lot of new faces in our State and Federal Governments.

Win or lose, our lives will continue, with the economy being our main issue. This week is the last week of our fall litter abatement drive, and regardless of our political leanings, the trash needs to be eliminated and, as much of it as possible, recycled.

We will run out of oil someday. The odds of the cost of oil escalating are guaranteed. The need for saving our natural resources increases daily. Recycling is the main course of action, going “green” will become mandatory.

Factories can store rainwater to use for flushing commodes and wash floors; heat with solar power; insulate roofs with soil; run boilers with methane gas harvested from contained landfills; use electricity generated by wind power; the methods are limited only by our ability to comprehend what is available.

At our local level, we can continue to increase the amounts of paper, metal, and plastic items we recycle to help make a dent in the needs of our economy. We face a period of striving to meet our needs, much less our wants. But working together, we can make a difference.

November 15 is America Recycles day. Let us begin now to make our goal of having an America Recycles day every day of the week. Regardless of who won the election, our obligations to our community and country have not changed. Let us pull together to make America again a World leader in the highest sense.

Curtis Ochs

Spencer County Solid Waste Coordinator