LETTER: Appealing decision would be money wrongly spent

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By The Staff

I felt compelled to write in support of Sandy Clevenger and her undying efforts to have our school district in alignment with the law.

I blogged the article in last week’s paper, but wondered how many people have access the internet.

Simply stated, I feel that the quotes of the board members and superintendent are implying that any monies spent to appeal/review the Attorney General’s opinion would be the fault of Ms. Clevenger for having brought this matter to his attention. However, any monies expended to look further into the opinion will be the fault of those who would not listen to Ms. Clevenger when she questioned the legality of the closed meeting well in advance of the meeting.

It’s funny how those at fault try to blame others.

Additionally, any monies spent to appeal/review the opinion will be only to try to further discredit Ms. Clevenger.

Mr. Adams has said he doesn’t mind the evaluation being an open meeting. I guess if it’s appealed, that just means there are board members with personal agendas - and Sandy Clevenger is not one of them.

Ange Mattingly

Cox’s Creek