LETTER: Apron contest celebrates past

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By The Staff

This is the third year for our Apron Contest at the Red Scooter.  We schedule it each year around Mother’s Day to honor our “foremothers.”

Aprons were such a huge part of our ancestors’ day to day wardrobe. Many a tear has been dried by an apron.

Out of the 24 aprons entered, the winners are listed below:

• Our Antique Apron Winner was Hazel Slucher who brought in a child’s blue floral bib apron trimmed in blue rickrack.  She thinks it belonged to Martin Slucher.

• The Embellished Apron Winner was one that was decorated by Dana Williams for a “Williams Chili Cook Off Contest.”  It was a dark green chef’s apron that had dueling hot peppers painted on the bib.

• The Handmade Apron Winner was made by  Janace McMonigal.  Janace used vintage floral fabric with roses and daisies in the print.  It was decorated with a yellow embellishment.

We want to thank each and every entrant for the time and effort spent on these beautiful creations.  We had children, mothers, grandmothers and a great grandmother participating this year.  We should have had a category for “from far away” category because we had aprons mailed to us from as far away as Sandy Valley, Nevada.  Where is Sandy Valley?  It is just outside of Las Vegas.  Judy Kirsch Gritz mailed her aprons to her sister, Sheila Tripplett, to be entered.  Judy has become enamored in making aprons from all kinds of fabrics with great decorative embellishments, and she sells them and donates the money to charity.  Judy came home during the Gourd Festival to visit her mother and brought several more of her aprons to show us.  We enjoyed meeting her and seeing her great ideas.

Annie Jones is a local author who came to Taylorsville for a book signing and brought two great aprons from her private collection.  One celebrated V-Day with its dot, dot, dot, dash. The other one was a Grandma’s apron that would not be “politically correct” in this day and time... but was really cute.

Jo Woodward