LETTER: Boswell has a democratic solution

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By The Staff

If you are like me, you have watched with a sense of disgust and disbelief over the past few weeks as the results of the last 14 years of Republican greed, and short sightedness have come home to roost. You remember the “Republican Revolution of 1994” don’t you? 

We as voters in the 2nd Congressional District have stood by and watched as the Republicans and their “trickle down economics” have literally sold us out year by year with subsidies and tax breaks to the very companies that we made great, so that “we could compete in the world market.

Well, I don’t know about you, but I remember wages being paid at the large textile plant in Taylor County, where I used to work, being in the neighborhood of 14 dollars an hour.  This was back before the “Republican Revolution of 1994” and NAFTA.  That company offered an excellent retirement pension, in addition to any contribution an employee wanted to make to their 401K as I remember. And free health and life insurance.

 But the argument of those in the “Revolution” was that we would need to “offshore the marginal jobs” – read that textile jobs – for the better paying automotive and service jobs… My how time flies…I just read in the paper about the layoffs occurring at the premier GM Bowling Green Corvette Plant…I never did see much of a need for fancy sports cars…But underwear? Yep I still buy underwear. And they still make it everyday…In Honduras and Mexico! Or what about the “Linen’s And Things” Distribution Center in Bullitt County?  They were part of the “Service” economy that we were sold…Bankrupt! Folks, an economy can’t function without fully integrated manufacturing base!  Did I mention that there are now over 40 million Americans now without healthcare?”...Bill Natcher is spinning in his grave!

 I won’t insult your intelligence by asking you if you and your retirement were better off now or 14 years ago….I will however ask you to join with me in voting to put forth a Democratic solution and an end to this nightmare on November 4th.  Please elect David Boswell to Congress…Our future may well depend on it!


Robert Whitlock