LETTER: Businesses still participating – as guests – at Progressive Dinner

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After reading last week’s edition of The Spencer Magnet regarding the Progressive Dinner, I felt that some clarification was needed.
The implication that some local businesses decided not to participate in the event this year was in fact incorrect.
This year, some of the businesses decided to participate in a different fashion. We were one of the first to purchase tickets to attend the event and enjoy the beautification of Main Street.
Previously, our business participated by serving part of the meal; with the economy this year, the $500 personal expense was not possible. We decided that it was also time not to ask our employees and family to work during the event. It will be a welcome change to be a dinner guest, not always the host. Seldom, does the opportunity arise that David and I can take time off from the Tea Cup to mingle with friends and enjoy the events as spectators.
On this particular night, political opinions and attitudes are put away and old Main Street friends greet new Main Street friends.
The 2011 Progressive Dinner will be successful regardless if you choose to serve an appetizer or if you choose to attend the event as a guest. After all, isn’t being a part of a community so much more?
Lorie Young