LETTER: A call to stand up to cemetery board

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By The Staff

I’m writing because when we pay for a lot to lay our love ones in, we really still have no say so over it.

I paid for a lot to put my dad and I can’t do anything up there I want to do. I can’t put up a cross behind the headstone and he is at the fence row. I own one grave at the left of him and three at the right of him.

I was told my flower bed had to come down. The glass stuff on it had to go and letters were being sent to others over the same things. Nothing on the sides of the head stones; only 12 inches in front of it.

Now I hear they might be stopping all flowers unless they are alive. What’s up? We pay for a lot. That is where our loved ones are and we are like kids asking. “Can we do?” and “May I?”

They say we can’t do things because it makes the grave yard look bad. Well guess what? I was up there to see my dad and the board members were taking flowers off the graves and throwing all of them on the back right hand side.

What is going to happen when a storm comes? Flowers every where! 

But what will they say? It’s our fault. Why do we let this happen? Because none of us want to stand up to say any thing because we worry about what could happen to the graves of our loved ones.

Well, I’ll tell you what I’m going to do. In January, there is a board meeting and I’m going to be there to vote these people off. Only thing is, they will say the meeting is at one time, but they start before you get there. Or, they call you to tell you the answer before you can come to say what you want. So, be careful of that. I also think the meeting should be announced in the Spencer Magnet.

Everyone be ready for your letters from the cemetery. Nothing at the sides of the graves, only 12 inches in front of graves, no glass stuff at all, no balloons, and nothing behind graves. I was even told they are putting up one big flag and that all the little flags will have to go.

Please take the time to come and vote. Take a stand. We need to be heard. We paid for our lots. Those are our loved ones there. Shouldn’t we be allowed to show love for our loved ones who passed?  

Some thing needs to be done before it gets to the point when we bury some one we can’t do any thing on their graves.

Barbara Rogers