LETTER: Candidate responds to letter

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By The Staff

Birdie, you are correct, I do not judge myself.  I leave that up to my family, my friends and judgment day.  Nobody else matters.  No, I take that back.  All children matter.  And, that is why I have become so politically critical in the last few years.

 I spend a lot of time reading the paper, working on the internet and listening to the news.  I report what I hear, read, and see.  Along with my research, I only write about what I find and is reported.

 I know I have an opinion. We all do.  It seems as if I have some people a little worried, but if those same people carried the power of the truth they would not be gasping for air. 

 I don’t have a problem calling a drunk, a drunk, a liar, a liar, and a saint, a saint. 

 Birdie, you said, “My insurance company tried to make me pay this tax and I don’t even live in Spencer County,” but you list your letter to the editor as Birdie Marksbury, Taylorsville.  My dear friend, Taylorsville is in Spencer County. 

Ronald “Woodie” Cheek


Editor’s note: There are several homeowners who reside in adjoining counties that have Taylorsville or Mt. Eden mailing addresses. This is due to the way the U.S. Postal Service sets up mail distribution routes.