LETTER: Can’t spend our way out of debt

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By The Staff

So, here we are, in a recession, maybe a depression. The government is printing money which is not backed by gold or silver and the Chinese refuse to buy our bonds.

The Chinese have 40 percent of their factories closed and their economy is falling hard. The rest of the world economies are crumbling. We sent much of our manufacturing industry to other countries causing our government to lose a big tax base and the government allows them to still have large tax breaks.

The Bush administration used the last 8 years spending money like it grew on trees. They engaged in a war we had no business getting into in Iraq. Bush and Mexico slept together. Now the Democrats have Obama that will save us all. He, in reality, may be the scapegoat of the Democrats if all fails. Now, back to the economy.

In the 1930s when Roosevelt took office and began the recovery from the depression, he used money the solvent government had and borrowed money to put people to work with the CCC, WPA, NRA and many other programs that actually employed people and built the infrastructure of the USA.

Obama plans to give money to the people, banks, businesses, states and commonwealths to spend us out of  recession/depression.  Obama is going to continue to print money which is not backed by gold or silver, and other countries have refused to buy or are cutting back buying our bonds because they are in a depression and can’t afford it. He plans to spend us out of debt. Do you know anyone who has spent himself out of debt?

All the states and commonwealths in the USA are gathering at the altar of the cash god for their share. Now Obama is predicting we will recover by 2010 when we didn’t recover from the depression of 1929 until long after we entered WWII. It’s a known fact that Roosevelt did not spend us out of the depression; WWII got us out of the depression.

I am all for fighting terrorism but not in another country. We need to fight it by keeping it out of the USA. Helping other countries fight it is good if they do the major fighting. We need to bring our manufacturing base back home while the world is in a depression and the overhead costs are high overseas. We can’t build the economy by throwing money at everyone and have them spend it on products made out of the USA.

Reporter John Shindlebower  explained how our county and city governments are going to visit the altar of the cash god for their share. But, to what end? They will do some infrastructure work, that’s good, and spend the rest on social programs and the schools. Please think how most of that spending is going to get us out of a recession/depression.

The government gives a number for unemployed persons; can we believe that number? I don’t think so. Businesses are closing and laying off people every day, banks are in default or overextended everywhere and lying to their stockholders, the public and the government; and then the government says we are just in a recession and we can spend out way out of it.

It’s my opinion we need a competent leader as president and we need to remove the greedy senators and representatives in the federal and state/commonwealth governments across the USA. The political lawyers and lobbyists are as bad if not worse.

Even worse, the people of the USA don’t seem to care. As long as they have a job and a home they are not worried about anyone else.

What a sad state of affairs we have gotten into.

Carl Darnell