LETTER: Charter quenches thirst for power

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By The Staff

I read in the paper about the deposition of Dwight Martin and James Allen Tipton.  Both are great young men and we are lucky to have them as citizens of the county. No one would ever make me think that Dwight or James Allen would ever doing anything wrong.  I don’t think you could torture them into doing anything that was not 100 percent right, but there is a true perception out there and perceptions are more often as real than not.

As time passes, more and more petition signees feel they were taken advantage of and/or not given all the facts.  This is your typical county government communication.  There is none.  If the petition were re-circulated today I doubt many signatures could be found which would tell me this is an invalid procedure in the courts today.

There are those that would like to see our city government abolished.  This would only give those in power more control and power.  Many question if county government can even run a county government much less take over for the entire city and county. 

What we have here is another “attempted airport.”  You have nothing more than a “special interest scenario.” You have a few that have a thirst for power and control that is incomprehensible to the average human.

 What I vision beside the need to control and the absolute of power is a need to control the water.  In that we all are made up of 98 percent water, I guess it would be safe to say, control the water and control life.  I see increased water bills as a hidden tax. 

I understand that House Bill 131  (charter government) has been on the dockets for almost two decades and has been attempted many times but has never passed.  How many people out there thinks Spencer County is ready to show Kentucky the way when we can’t pay our bills, pave the roads, or get our trash picked up. 

A word to those that thirst for power, charter government will never happen in Spencer.  Why? It is simple. The poplus of this county has lost all faith and trust in county government.  Try as you may, but I would think different to put the idea of charter government on a ballot for the tax payers to vote.

At one time county government was about “we the people”, today it is recognized as we the government.  

I would hope that an agency of the county (as the Spencer Magnet) would form a task force of auditors, financial experts and people that know money to investigate if we needed an or any additional taxes.  To tax the people of Spencer without justification  would be irresponsible and with irreverence.

 Ronald “Woodie” Cheek