LETTER: Citizen wants questions answered

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By The Staff

Is the City of Taylorsville preparing to create yet another taxing bureaucracy? There is a storm water utility tax, mandated by an EPA regulation known as the MS4 program to control run off. Will this tax be applied to only city residents? Will county residents using city water be taxed? Will Mayor Don Pay ever stop his tax and spend agenda? Unlikely!

As a matter of fact, Mayor Don Pay has acquired a street sweeper. Pay and Commissioner Jack Proctor have made statements to the effect, that outside entities have approached them for the purpose of contracting sweeper services. So, I am to assume. The City of Taylorsville is becoming a private contractor? If you need a painter, electrician, or plumber don’t bother looking in the yellow pages, just call the city. Will the city pay an occupational tax or insurance premium tax since they’re becoming a private contractor? My advice to Mayor Pay is to stay out of the private sector, the city commission causes enough problems in the public sector.

Annette King never did answer my open records request questions. King believes alcohol sales would not only bring in larger restaurant chains, but small factories. King said this is in the April 8 front page article of the Spencer Magnet. As of present, King has not provided any firm evidence of this claim. She has spent hundreds of thousands of tax dollars for what?

Look around Spencer County at the number of closed buildings. Does she really have anything to do with businesses opening up in the county? Do you think EDA Director Annette King got her job because she is related to Magistrate David Goodlett? Do you think the Economic Development Authority is being funded because it is a pet project of Martha Layne Colllins?

EDA President Dennis Eisenback isn’t complaining, he came out smelling like a rose. He owns Cricketz, and has applied for an alcohol license. Dennis Eisenback even contributed in spending over $24,000 for a special election when EDA was asked to research the alcohol issue. It is likely the county will receive very little tax revenue.

Lawrence Trageser