LETTER: City, county have made ‘huge mistake’

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Taylorsville, what have you done? Having read all the ups and downs regarding the EDA, I wonder if the city and county officials even know what they have done by eliminating EDA and losing Annette King.
Yes, anyone can be replaced, but no replacement will ever be able to fill these shoes.
For years now, I have watched Annette work her heart out for this community, and I have never seen her receive the credit that is due her. She is always busy and always has a positive attitude. The sight of her racing up and down Main Street will be a thing of the past.
Having her stick her head in the door and say, “What do you think about this?” always got me in trouble. I always volunteered to do something to help out in whatever was going on. The funny thing is Annette never asked me to do anything she wasn’t willing to do or help do. The other thing is, I always enjoyed the task and ended up having so much fun “making it happen.”
If the city and county wanted to “restructure” the Economic Development Authority, why did they not call in the board and the director and discuss what they wanted changed or voice the direction in which they wanted EDA to go?
Why dismiss someone who so obviously loves this community – someone who puts forth the effort to draw businesses into taking ownership of the community? She works so hard for every event that is held in Taylorsville/Spencer County – whether or not it comes under the umbrella of EDA or Main Street Committee.
If everyone worked as hard as she does to draw the community together, Taylorsville would have to change it’s name to “Utopia” or “Paradise.”
I hate to see the solidarity in communication between the business owners disappear or slip back to the “no one knows what anyone else is doing” days. Taylorsville is a small town, and Taylorsville will always be a small town. Spencer County doesn’t have the resources or the location to draw huge corporations, and do we even want them? Isn’t the small town way of life what people love about Taylorsville and the surrounding area?
Look at all the events we have worked so hard to develop: The Gourd Festival, The Art Festival, The Progressive Dinner, Homecoming, Trick or Treat on Main Street, Christmas on Main, The Christmas Home Tour.
All of these did not fall under Annette’s job description, but she certainly played a part in them. She was out in the rain decorating the float (the covered wagon drawn by mules, which she was able to get trailored in for the parade) for Santa’s arrival. She also single handedly took all the decorations off the wagon, again in the rain.
Main Street Committee will suffer greatly without her, too.
As Main Street manager, Annette was instrumental in seeing that things were done correctly. What happens to The Progressive Dinner? Who is going to bring their own home furnishings downtown to decorate the Chamber for the dinner? Who is going to donate and decorate trees for the businesses to sponsor at Christmas?
Does anyone know that she took 10 of her own Christmas trees and used her own time, as well as her kids toys to decorate each tree to reflect the business it represented?
Who is going to line up volunteers to serve and businesses to sponsor courses? Who is going to talk businesses into sponsoring carriage rides? Who is going to call the known “cooks” in the area to make and donate their special desserts? Who will have the ability to urge people to eagerly get on board and help see that things are done on time and done right? Who is going to stick her head in the door and say, “Hi, just checking...do you need anything?”
I don’t think the city and county officials really see or care how much she works and how much of her time and resources she gives back to our community.
Who else is going to work past the 40-hour week without expecting overtime?
I know that it is a done deal, but I also know that we have lost one of the best resources this community will ever have. It is a shame and a great loss to Taylorsville and Spencer County.
Annette King’s presence will be missed on a daily basis. Taylorsville and Spencer County, I’m afraid you have made a huge mistake.

Jo Woodward